About Us

About Inn-Town Homes and Apartments

Family-Owned and Operated

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Inn-Town Homes and Apartments is a family-owned and operated company. The owners of the company grew up in the district, attended grade school here, and are graduates of The Ohio State University. They have owned property in the Ohio State University District Neighborhood since 1969.

Inn-Town Homes owns over 60 different buildings within walking distance to The Ohio State University, including over 750 individual units that house about 2,000 OSU Students each year.

Community Ties

Our ties to the University District remain strong. Company owners serve on The University Area Commission, and one is a member of the Code Enforcement and Environment Committee. We also regularly work with Ohio State University’s Neighborhood and Collaborative Services Department to enhance student safety and experience in the University District.

Dedicated Staff

We have a dedicated, knowledgeable staff whose collective experience serving OSU Students in the University District is beyond impressive.

Jill Kaikis, Leasing Manager

Jill graduated from Capital University with a degree in Public Relations. She has been with Inn-Town Homes for since 1990 and handles all aspects of leasing contracts and also oversees all marketing efforts.

Jim Harms, Maintenance Supervisor

Jim graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Consumer Affairs. He has served Inn-Town Homes since 1992 by overseeing all maintenance and grounds keeping-related items, as well as improvement projects.

Laurie Bone, Operations Manager

Laurie has a degree in Economics from The Ohio State University. She initially began working at Inn-Town Homes as a college student in 1999 and later managed the Harrison Apartments at its inception. Laurie handles rent collection, projects, analysis, operations and web/media administration.

Macie Mancuso, Assistant Leasing Manager

Macie graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in English and Criminology. She has worked for Inn-Town Homes since 2018 where she started out as a student leasing agent. She now trains our leasing staff and also works as a leasing agent, giving apartment tours and helping to make students’ apartment search and rental process go as smoothly and easy as possible.

Samantha Turk, Digital Marketing & Leasing

Sam graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Economics, and she is planning on attending law school following a gap year. She began working for Inn Town Homes as a student. She currently works on marketing, social media, and assists with leasing.

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