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Maintenance Tips

Inn-Town Homes and Apartments thanks you for choosing us as your rental company. We strive to provide the best service to our residents. We employ a full-service maintenance staff providing general maintenance, heating and cooling, carpentry, plumbing, and lawn maintenance. We also have outside contractors that repair appliances, electrical issues, and perform exterminations when needed.To make a maintenance request, either fill out the form or call the phone numbers below. If calling, you will receive a voicemail where you are required to leave your full apartment address including letter or number, your maintenance problem, and a name and contact number. Maintenance will then dispatch someone out to you. Unless further clarification is needed, you will not receive a return phone call.

Maintenance Line

Call this number for maintenance requests during maintenance office hours (8am – 5pm) and leave a message including your full address, maintenance problem, name, and contact number.

After-Hours Emergency

What constitutes an emergency?

  • No working toilets in the apartment
  • No water
  • No heat
  • Water leak