Finding Your College Home for 2023-24

Now renting for Fall 2023

We look forward to helping you find your next home this fall! Scroll down this page for a list of properties still left for Fall 2023. Click on the address for more detail. All prices are TOTAL for the entire apartment, and can be split among roommates. You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on the rental process here.

Once you’ve found some properties you’d like to view, please call us at (614)294-1684 to schedule a guided property tour of your top addresses.  On a guided property tour, you can select up to 4 or 5 different addresses to view and select your future college home.  Appointments are often reserved quickly, so the easiest and most efficient way to schedule a tour is by calling the office.

Two Bedrooms Left for Fall 2023

Iuka Park Commons at 442 E. Northwood Ave.  – $850/month unfurnished, $910/month furnished

485-487 Alden Ave. – $850/month

197 E. 13th Ave. – $1095/month

Three Bedrooms Left for Fall 2023

132 E. 12th Ave.– $1730-1800/month

140 E. 12th Ave. – $1750/month

Four Bedrooms Left for Fall 2023

191 E. 13th Ave. – $2400-2500/month (all new interiors for 2023!)

132 E. 12th Ave. – $2150/month

140 E. 12th Ave. – $2150-2250/month

181 E. 12th Ave. – $2000/month

1842 N. 4th St. – $1850/month

Five Bedrooms Left for Fall 2023

181 E. 12th Ave. – $2150/month

1699 N. 4th St. – $2000/month

Looking for something available sooner?

Two Bedrooms available Now, May, or August 2023

Iuka Park Commons at 442 E. Northwood Ave. :

$850/month, Unfurnished units available now, May or August

$910/month, Furnished units available May or August

Useful Information for Residents

Packages & Deliveries

Consider using the Amazon Store at E. Lane & High, the FedEx at High and 18th.  You may deliver packages to our leasing office at 2104 Tuller St. Columbus, OH 43201 once you read the resident email explaining the process.  Call the office for more details.


A sublet agreement is available here. For the time being, we recommend scanning and emailing all signed Sublet Agreements. Sublettor ID photos can also be emailed.

Your Safety 

If you will be leaving your apartment for a long period of time over breaks or long weekends, please keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Make sure all doors and windows are properly secured before you leave
  • Leave an interior and exterior light on
  • Take valuables, such as jewelry or electronics, home with you
  • If your car will be around, make sure you do not leave any valuables visible in your vehicle

Parking and Towing

Parking rules remain in effect at this time. Hound Dog’s Towing will continue to operate and can be contacted at (614)291-2101.

If you wish to let a roommate borrow your parking pass, please exchange the physical sticker with them. Since we will not be in the office, we will not be available for replacement or temporary parking passes. As long as the pass is correctly displayed on the passenger side of the interior rear windshield, you may park the car in your designated lot.


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