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Need roommates for Fall 2021?

The roommate experience is one of the BEST parts about being a college student!! Finding friends to live with after a year spent in isolation adapting to a pandemic can be difficult. Inn Town Homes can help you find the college living experience you wish for by joining together like-minded students looking for affordable rent in locations close to campus.  Fill out this no-obligation form and we’ll get started helping you find the right home for Fall 2021, complete with roommates to share not only the space, but also the memories!    FindMyRoommates Form !!

Apartments Available For August 2021 (click on address to view listing)

Two Bedroom Apartments:

Iuka Park Commons – $850/month, furnished and $790/month unfurnished, includes water

47 Frambes Ave. #10 – $1330/month, unfurnished, includes gas and water

30 and 36 E. Woodruff Ave. – $1450/month, furnished, includes water

19 W. 10th Ave. – $1200/month, unfurnished, includes water

485 Alden Ave. – $850/month, unfurnished, includes water

Three Bedroom Apartments:

47 Frambes Ave. – $1800/month, unfurnished, includes gas and water

197 E. 13th Ave.– $1485/month, unfurnished, includes water

64 and 70 E. 12th Ave. – $1860-1890/month, unfurnished, includes water

101 E. 12th Ave. – $1695/month, unfurnished, includes electric and water

132 and 140 E. 12th Ave. – $1650-1750/month, unfurnished, includes water

Four Bedroom Apartments:

90 and 92 E. Norwich Ave. – $1725-1800/month, unfurnished, includes water

123 E. Norwich Ave. – $1860-1875/month, unfurnished, includes water

178 E. Norwich Ave. – $2100/month, unfurnished, includes water

95 E. 14th Ave. – $2000/month, unfurnished, includes water

185 E. 13th Ave. – $1800-1995/month, unfurnished, includes water

101 E. 12th Ave. – $1700-1800/month, unfurnished, includes water

109 E. 12th Ave. – $1940-2160/month, unfurnished, includes water

132 and 140 E. 12th Ave. – $2100-2200/month, unfurnished, includes water

77 W. 10th Ave. – $1540/month, unfurnished, includes water

230 W. 9th Ave. – $1600/month, unfurnished, includes water

Five Bedroom Apartments:

107 E. Norwich – $1980-2020/month, unfurnished, includes water

164 E. Norwich – $1955-2160/month, unfurnished, includes water

176 and 178 E. Norwich – $1900-2500/month, unfurnished, includes water

31 Frambes Ave. – $2800/month, unfurnished, includes water

30 and 36 E. Woodruff Ave. – $2875-2975/month, unfurnished, includes water

49 E. 18th Ave. – $3100/month, unfurnished, includes water

42 E. 17th Ave. – $2750-2800/month, unfurnished, includes water

156 E. 13th Ave. – $2375-2475/month, unfurnished, includes water

191 E. 13th Ave. – $2375-2625/month, unfurnished, includes water

169 and 175 W. 10th Ave. – $2150-2500/month, unfurnished, includes water

151 W. 8th Ave. – $1900/month, unfurnished, includes water

1470 Highland St. – $2100/month, unfurnished, includes water

Virtual Tours Now Available

Please visit Inn Town Homes’ YouTube channel featuring video tours of apartments still available for Fall 2021!  Inn Town Homes YouTube Channel!   We also have .pdf floor plans available for most units which we’re happy to email to you! Request one today by emailing

2021-22 Fall Rental Information

Along with OSU, we expect a more “normal” school year in 2021-22 (read more here!) If you would like to rent an apartment you’ve viewed either virtually or in-person, you can call us at (614) 294-1684 to start the leasing process by putting down your deposit to reserve one. CLICK HERE FOR HOW TO RESERVE AN APARTMENT

Call us at (614) 294-1684 to start the search process for your new apartment.  This year, Inn Town Homes agents will be helping students select a new college home with everyone’s safety in mind in light of Covid19.  We’ll help you find the perfect place by showing you floorplans and virtual tours first so you can narrow your selection without having to enter many apartments.  We will also offer safe in-person tours where 1-2 of your group can view their top choices and share their tour experiences with their roommates via FaceTime or Houseparty.  Inn Town Homes also offers Zoom Rental Meetings for students/cosigners who prefer a completely remote option for viewing apartments.

During Rental Season, Inn Town Homes will feature extended student-friendly office hours between 9am-6pm Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm Fridays, and by appointment on weekends.

What to expect on your guided property tour

Throughout the Covid19 pandemic, Inn Town Homes has made the safety of our current and future residents our highest priority.  Before your appointment with Inn Town Homes, we’ll send you floorplans and virtual tours of available apartments so you are effectively able to narrow your search and only spend time viewing the apartment homes that are right for your group’s needs.  Once you’ve narrowed your choices to the top one or two locations you’re most interested in, you’ll call us to schedule your appointment.  At your appointment, you can expect the following:

  • You’ll meet us at the first location, which we’ll confirm with you by text the day before
  • Your leasing agent will be wearing a mask, and we require anyone viewing the apartments to wear one as well
  • We’ll quickly view the apartment(s) you’ve chosen and then convene outside to go over any questions you have regarding amenities, costs, and the rental process
  • We’ll have a sanitized vehicle available for travel between properties
  • We’ll provide you an information sheet with QR codes you can scan to view apartments on our website, review a copy of the lease agreement, Frequently Asked Questions about the rental process, and other important information to assist your group in making their decision

COVID-19 INFORMATION, Updated March 2021

In an effort to keep you and the campus community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Inn Town Homes has made several changes.

Maintenance Changes

Based on current COVID-19 safety suggestions, maintenance is prioritizing emergencies but responding to all requests. Please submit your maintenance requests as normal and the maintenance supervisor will evaluate each case by urgency. We apologize for any inconvenience, but you may have to wait longer for normal requests during this time as we face delays in receiving supplies and parts.

Office Availability

The Inn Town Homes office is currently closed to the public. We will remain running procedurally and continue to be available to you for any needs you might have weekdays 9am-5pm, but you will have to call or email us before coming to the office. This is done as an effort to practice social distancing, in line with COVID-19 safety suggestions.

We will be available by appointment for appropriate circumstances; contact us to discuss this if you have an issue that you believe requires face-to-face assistance.

We are asking that all prospective residents wear masks on apartment tours and avoid touching any surfaces.

Phone Number: (614)294-1684

Packages & Deliveries

Consider using the Amazon Store at E. Lane & High, the FedEx at High & E. 18th, or a UPS Locker/Drop box when possible. Current residents’ special mail and packages may also be delivered to the Harrison Apartments at 222 W. Lane Ave. Columbus, OH 43201 through May 2021.  Call the office for more details.


A sublet agreement is available here. For the time being, we recommend scanning and emailing all signed Sublet Agreements. Sublettor ID photos can also be emailed.

Your Safety 

Above all, we are making these changes in order to keep you and the campus community safe. We hope that you are also making choices during this time that will keep you safe and healthy.

Additionally, if you will be leaving your apartment for a long period of time, please keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Make sure all doors and windows are properly secured before you leave
  • Leave an interior and exterior light on
  • Take valuables, such as jewelry or electronics, home with you
  • If your car will be around, make sure you do not leave any valuables visible in your vehicle

Parking and Towing

Parking rules remain in effect at this time. Hound Dog’s Towing will continue to operate and can be contacted at (614)291-2101.

If you wish to let a roommate borrow your parking pass, please exchange the physical sticker with them. Since we will not be in the office, we will not be available for replacement or temporary parking passes. As long as the pass is correctly displayed on the passenger side of the interior rear windshield, you may park the car in your designated lot.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping everyone safe and healthy. We will update you if any other changes are made.


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